Switchd is a very simple daemon which listens for events from hardware
momentary switches and then invokes a user script or binary in
response. The functionality provided by switchd can be useful during
debugging, as well as in mapping simple actions to hardware switches.
For example, one could build a trivial MP3 player with a small number
of switch scripts (e.g., one to cycle through a playlist, one to
start/stop playback). For devices which do not host their own
development toolset, this approach permits convenient customization
using only a text editor.

Switchd was originally developed for use on Assabet, the Intel StrongARM
SA-1110 development board. It requires a device driver which was first
introduced into the SA-1110 Linux kernel in version
2.4.0-test9-rmk1-np3. An example of how to use switchd on this
hardware can be found in the ARM
Linux “Kitchen Sink” ramdisk

45.7 kilobytes – released: 30 October, 2000
Initial release. Includes example scripts
for Assabet.

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