Spot Component Data Sheets

This page contains a list of links to manufacturer data sheets for
various components found in the Spot computer. These data sheets,
combined with the Spot Core schematics, are the definintive reference
for software developers who interact with the low-level hardware.

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StrongARM® SA-1110 Microprocessor Advanced Developer’s Manual

Comprehensive description of all functional blocks within the
SA-1110. Does not cover ARM architecture fundamentals
such as instruction set architecture. (See ARM Architecture
Reference Manual
for this information.)
StrongARM® SA-1111 Microprocessor Companion Chip Developer’s
The SA-1111 implements the PCMCIA, CompactFlash, USB, and serial
audio functions on Spot.
Volt Intel® StrataFlash® Memory; 28F128J3A
Spot includes four 128-Megabit flash memory components (64MB),
which are used for storing the operating system image and fundamental
filesystem data.
Spot includes eight 256-Megabit synchronous dynamic random-access
memory components (256MB), which constitute main memory.
UDA1341TS; Economy audio CODEC for MiniDisc (MD) home stereo and
portable applications
The UDA1341 is a CD-quality audio codec used in a number of
SA-1110 designs; in Spot, it is attached to the SA-1111 Serial Audio
Image SiI 164 TX
The SiI 164 implements the Digital Visual Interface for Spot, and
receives its pixel data from the SA-1110 LCD controller.
Instruments TSB12LV01B High Performance 1394 3.3V Link Layer for
Telecom, Embedded, & Industrial App.
This is a 400Mbps IEEE 1394-1995 link layer controller, attached
to an SA-1110 32-bit variable-latency static memory interface.
Instruments TSB41LV02A IEEE 1394a Two-Port Cable
This is the physical-layer transceiver which actually drives the
two 1394 ports on Spot.
Semiconductor CS5460A: Single Phase Bi-Directional Power/Energy
The CS5460 is a programmable analog-to-digital converter which
provides two channels of energy monitoring functionality; seven of
these parts on Spot monitor a variety of interesting subsystems.
Device Technology 74LVCH32244A 32-bit Buffer/Line Driver
This part buffers the 26-bit address bus, output and write
enables, and static bank chip select signals coming from the
Device Technology 74LVCH32245A 32-bit Bus Transceiver
This part buffers the 32-bit data bus to and from the
Semiconductor 74LVCH32373A 32-bit Transparent D-Type Latch
This latch provides extended general-purpose output capabilities
for the Spot LEDs and various clock/control signals. It is mapped into
static memory for writing.
74LVC373A Octal D-Type Transparent Latch
This latch operates in transparent mode, allowing the data outputs
from the power monitoring devices to propagate onto the SA-1110 memory
bus. It is mapped to the same static memory location as the 32-bit
output latch, and is accessible for reading.
Maxim MAX1600 Dual
Channel CardBus and PCMCIA VCC VPP Power Switching Network
The MAX1600 provides configurable-voltage power to the PCMCIA and
CompactFlash slots on Spot.
Maxim MAX786
Dual-Output Power-Supply Controller for Notebook Computers
This is the main system power switching regulator, which manages
the 3.3V and 5V supplies aboard Spot.
Semiconductor DS1845 Dual NV Potentiometer and Memory
This part implements the adjustable 1.5V-2.0V SA-1110 core power
supply. It also contains a 256-byte EEPROM.
Semiconductor DS1302 Trickle Charge Real Time Clock Chip
The DS1302 is a battery-backed-up clock which maintains the system
time on Spot even when main power has been removed. It also contains
31 bytes of RAM.
Linear Technology
LT1763 500mA, Low Noise, LDO Micropower Regulator
This regulator steps down the system 3.3V supply to provide the
SA-1110 core power (nominally 1.75V, but on Spot this is adjustable in
the range of 1.5V-2.0V).

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