Turning 40 is often a pivotal point for many women. Choosing the right clothes, shoes and accessories is an important part of exuding an image of a mature woman. Sometimes women who reach their 40s have a hard time letting go of the fashion trends that carried them through their 20s and 30s. Long hair, high heels, mini- skirts and revealing clothing are often better left behind as women advance into their 40s.

Hair Length and the Older Woman

Hair length is often a sign of sensuality and attractiveness in the younger years. When a middle aged woman lets her hair grow down to her waist, it’s often viewed as being stuck in the past. Shoulder length hair is easier to take care of and if it needs to be colored, there’s less of it to color than waist-length hair.

Heel Length and the Middle Aged Woman

Tina Turner has gotten away with wearing high heels at her age. Most women in their 40s and older, however, tend to resort to shorter heels. There is no need to wear flats all of the time, but spiked heels are generally harder to walk on and commonly deemed inappropriate for the older woman. A medium-size heel of two or three inches is considered doable by middle aged women.

The Middle Aged Woman and Skirt Length

Some women tend to resort to frumpy clothing as they age because they want to cover up their bodies. The other extreme is the middle aged woman who wears mini-skirts. This scenario usually earns critical looks from passersby. A knee-length skirt or longer that is not too tight but not too loose is a good option for middle aged women.

Hitting middle age is a good time for women to reevaluate their fashion tendencies. Many classy clothes, shoes and hairstyles exist for the middle aged woman to help her feel both attractive and timely.

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