Not everyone has the time or interest in wearing the latest fashion. Still, there are things that every woman can do to avoid attracting negative attention to her attire.

Visible Bras and Panty Lines

When undergarments are visible in public, it is considered tacky by many people’s standards. A dark-colored bra under a white shirt or panty lines under a dressy pair of slacks draw negative attention. A thong that peeks out above the waist line or a bra that doesn’t truly fit are things that can be easily corrected. Buying the right size bra and wearing a low-rise thong or regular panties are the perfect solutions.

Mixing and Matching Styles

The designer skirt worn with tennis shoes or the sweatpants worn with dressy shoes are examples of how not to combine clothing. Most women know better than to go out in public with these clothing combinations. However, the work-at-home woman who rarely ventures out might need a reminder to avoid matching casual attire with dressy clothes.

Wearing Clothes to Cover Up

Often as women age, the tendency is to wear lots of clothing to cover up as much as possible. This is even more common with women who are not happy with their bodies. Wearing an over-sized shirt that covers the buttocks and hips is a common occurrence. What women don’t realize is that dressing this way actually highlights the body weight issues. Taking time to find clothes that accentuate the features can make a difference. Finding dressy tops with styles that come in at the waist, or that can be adjusted as the waistline shrinks or expands, can help add a sense of class and style.

A woman doesn’t have to buy the latest trends to be considered stylish. Just paying attention to the fit of clothes, proper matching and keeping undergarments hidden can reflect a sense of class and confidence.

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