When the sun is out, people tend to feel freer and happier. Summer fashion increases your sense of freedom. You can pack away your sweaters, hats, scarves and raincoats. Bring out the shorts, the flip flops, the tank tops and the short-sleeve shirts.

Summer Fashion Colors

Fashion magazines and designers impact the summer fashion colors from year to year. You can, however, always count on the brighter and lighter shades as the cooler and more comfortable options in the summer. Black, dark brown, burgundy and navy blue can take a rest as you put on clothes with the lighter shades. Light green, yellow, white, light purple and baby blue are fun colors to wear in the summer.

Ideal Fabrics for Summer

You can say a temporary goodbye to your wool sweaters and corduroy pants. Cotton is a common fabric of choice for summertime. It helps to keep you feeling light and cool. Linen is also a light fabric, but be aware that it wrinkles easily. Thin nylon may also be a good option in the summer. Blends of cotton and nylon are also common for the summer.

Summer Clothes

Shorts are a popular article of clothing for the summer. Whether you wear short shorts or knee-length shorts, you will feel much cooler if every inch of you is not covered. Shorts can always be paired with flip flops, sandals or even sneakers. Just don’t wear them with boots or high heels, unless you are following a very specific fashion trend.

Tank tops and short-sleeve t-shirts are the best options for keeping you cool. Muscle shirts and tube tops are also possibilities, but these will vary by region, age and gender.

If you want to follow the latest trends, pay attention to the current-day fashion designers. Otherwise, choose the right fabrics, colors and articles of clothing, and you will be set for the summer.

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