If you are a man who doesn’t pay much attention to fashion trends, there are still things you can do to be attractive and presentable. Paying attention to your choices in clothing, their fit and style can make a difference.

Go for the Right Fit

One of the most important things to remember about choosing clothing, for either gender, is that fit is important. Take a close look at the clothing in your closet to assess whether they truly fit you. You might find that you have jeans from 10 years ago that are now too big or too small. Maybe they’re snug around the waist but loose in other parts because your body has changed. Clothes that fit properly will help to keep you looking current.

Don’t Mix Formal and Casual

One of the mistakes that some men make is to mix casual and formal attire. You have very likely seen the man with the tuxedo and tennis shoes. That’s a classic image that some men can get away with and often they are rock stars or are choosing this style to be amusing. If you are more conservative, match casual with casual. So if you are planning to wear athletic shorts, then wear a t-shirt and avoid the dress shirt with a collar.

Get a Second Opinion When Buying New Clothes

Some people just need a second opinion when shopping. Ask someone who is generally stylish to go clothes shopping with you. This is especially helpful if you are in a fashion rut. It can be easy to buy the same styles and colors repeatedly. Someone who knows you and your wardrobe can steer you away from buying yet another pair of black slacks or white dress shirt.

You can always stay in style if you pay attention to the color, cut and fit of your clothes. Always ask for help from friends or the department store clerk if in doubt.

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