Fashion in a Budget

Many of us think that high fashion takes a deep pocket but all fashion needs is creativity. You don’t need to have the top name brands or the latest celebrity outfits to dress like a star. Here are a few ideas to take your fashion to a new level while staying in your budget.

Visit the Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping is more work but it pays off when you find the perfect item for a fraction of the price you would pay in the stores. You probably won’t be dying to wear most of the clothes in your local thrift store but if you take the time to pick through grandma’s old sweaters you just might find the perfect addition to your closet.

Re-visit Your Old Clothes

Sometimes you don’t have to buy new clothes to create new outfits. Often we get stuck in a creative block with our old clothes but breaking out of the mold can help us wear our clothes in different ways. There are those few pieces in the back of your closet that might need to be altered or paired with a cute jacket but when they’re ready to be worn in public everyone will think they’re new.

Create Your Own Accessories

Even if you’re not a crafty person, making your own accessories can be easy and most of all, inexpensive. Your local craft store sells just about everything to make your own jewelry. Instead of buying a watch, get a watch face and then create your own beaded watch band to coordinate with your outfits. Buy an ordinary headband and attach feathers of your choice with a glue gun instead of paying for a fashion headband at the store. Use an old tie as your new belt. The possibilities are endless, getting creative can be all your wardrobe needs to add a little more fashion to its drawers.

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