Sizzle up Your Summer Basics

We all have our own staples of our summer wardrobe and here are a few ways to sizzle up those summer basics to keep them as hot as the temperature outside.

Trade in your basic flip flops for a more sizzling sandal. Choose from one of the many gladiator sandals from a subtle pair to a pair that ties all the way up your leg. Or try a more interesting version of the flip flop, dress it up by adding a kitten heel or a beaded embellishment. Everyone has the same pair of flip flops; make your feet stand out by choosing a sandal with a little more heat.

Summer is the time to take your prints and make them bolder and brighter. While cheetah prints may draw some skeptical eyes in the winter months, they will fit right in during the steamy season. Bold prints can be paired down with a neutral whether it’s in your pants, jacket, or top, a neutral will tone some of the wildness in your print and make the outfit a perfect match.

While you’re making your prints bolder, start making your accessories larger. Summer is the perfect time to trade in your subdued winter bag for a large, bright, beach bag. Your large summer bag is the perfect place to put your other summer accessories that you will need for the season. Large sun glasses, your swim suit cover and all of the other necessities.  Other jewelry items can be taken to a new level with larger sizes and more vibrant colors. It is also the perfect time to go with wild accessories like feathers.

Summer is hot and humid so don’t let your summer wardrobe be dull and bland. Spice up your basics with these few easy steps and enjoy the perks of the season.

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