Powermon is a userland program which provides access to hardware
power monitoring devices, such as the CS5460 monitors on the Spot wearable computer. Using
powermon, a researcher can configure the monitors to collect power
statistics from various hardware subsystems while executing a workload
on the target machine. This information can be used in energy
profiling and offline system tuning. The behavior of powermon is
customizable, allowing the user to specify the sample rate, number of
samples collected, type of sampling, sample units, and the set of
channels to monitor. In addition, the user may provide a machine
description file which characterizes the monitoring channels.

Powermon was originally developed for use on Spot. It requires a device driver
which implements the power monitoring interface from
linux/power_monitor.h, which was introduced into the SA-1110
Linux kernel in version 2.4.7-rmk3-np1-jd1.

48 kilobytes – released: 14 September, 2001
Initial release. Includes machine
description for Spot R2.

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