Flash back to the 70s to find the hot trends for spring fashions this year.  Many of the fashion designers favor soft flowing fabrics. Also, a feminine romantic look is the in look of the day.

For the trendy colors, think New Mexico, think colors from the desert — sand and rust and burnt umber.  Beige is another hot color especially when paired with black or red. Another hot look is the monochromatic outfit of white on white or grey on grey.

There are two main looks for this season.  One is a touch of military with a twist.  Find yourself a cargo jacket or military styled vest.  The twist is to round out the military top with a saucy skirt.

The other fashion includes high-waist jeans with flared legs.  This will give you a long legged look.  And for blouses, crop tops be gone.  Let’s all heave a sigh of relief.  No more muffin tops (rolls of fat peaking out between the crop top and the low-waisted pants). Instead, silk or satin tops are all the rage and are nicely tucked in the high-waist pants.  Especially blouses with long flowing bows at the neckline. To complete the ensemble, add a wedge shoe with a cork heel.

What about accessories?  This year is the year for lots of bangles on your wrist and up your arm.  Wide plastic or wooden bracelets are the in style.  Add a long sting of beads to complete your jewelry.

And what about your make-up?  Because the in colors are beige and monochromatic, a sun-kissed makeup is the trend for spring.  This natural look is spiced up with bold, red lipstick.

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