Bags are the most functional item that has been existing for a long time now. Right from the days of the Neanderthal man to the human race today, bags are an essential commodity that is used across all age groups. Bags are used depending on its utility and purpose. There are so many types of bags today that are created, keeping comfort and style in mind.

Baby Bags – These are huge bags that have several compartments to store things like baby liquid, baby oil, baby bottle etc. apart from napkins, wet tissues, diapers, extra pair of clothing, towel etc. Having several compartments makes it easier to store things and remove things, when required.

Purse – These are used by women to store important things like keys, sunglasses, wallet, cards, mobile phones, cosmetics, dairy, pen etc. The kind and size of purse used, varies with each women, depending on the taste and preference of each women. Some women like trendy and big purses whereas some prefer small purses.

Handbags – These are used by working women, college students, and women of all age groups to store all their personal belongings. Again the size and type of handbag will vary with each woman. Handbags can have one or multiple compartments for storage space.

Carry bags – These are used in almost all shops to transport things home. It is advisable to carry your own carry bags as plastic leads to plastic pollution because it is non-degradable. In many countries, there is a ban imposed on the usage of plastic bags.

Clutches – Unlike a purse, a clutch does not have a shoulder strap, needs to be “clutched” . It is used by women at most parties.

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