Fashion Tips for the Season

Winter isn’t typically the hottest season when it comes to fashion but there are certain perks that come with the dropping temperatures. Here are a few things to make the season brighter.

Dark nail polish- winter is the perfect time to break out your dark colors without your family asking if you’re going Gothic at your next holiday party. And it doesn’t have to be the traditional black; your options can include dark blues, purples, and a fun, charcoal gray. Keeping your nails short can counteract the drama of the dark colors and can make for a fun seasonal addition.

Pashminas- these thick, colorful scarves are not only a fashion must for the season but they also keep your neck warm. There are so many different patterns and colors that you can find a pashmina to match any outfit. Stay warm while accessorizing with this hot item.

Earmuffs- they’re back and it’s great news for your ears. Now you can keep your whole head warm without messing up your hair under a hat. Whether they’re pink and fluffy or animal print, earmuffs are back on the market just in time for the cold weather.

Coordinate your hat, gloves, and scarf- these accessories can be a great opportunity to add an extra punch to your outfit. Try to match these cold weather necessities and soon you’ll have a few basic sets that will match every outfit.

Boots- they are the perfect addition to your winter outfit and can add flair to your wardrobe and warmth to your feet. Getting the basic boots for every occasion, dressy or snow boots will take the stress out of worrying what shoes you will wear through the season. Most boots can be worn either outside of skinny jeans or under a boot cut jean and look great either way.

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