Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobe and a basic necessity for every individual. Shoes protect our feet, provide support and shoes if worn correctly, according to every occasion can be a fashion accessory as well. Many women need more than a pair to adorn themselves for every event. You may have dressed to kill but a shabby or an incorrect pair of shoes can give the whole appearance a shoddy look. It is important to wear shoes that emphasize style yet it is comfortable.

Gone are the days when you went and bought a pair of shoes from a local store. Today there are malls selling branded shoes which come in every possible shape, size and color. There are many shoe designers who create custom shoes for some people. People don’t wait to think before splurging their hard earned money on an expensive pair of shoes. Shoes can create an important style statement.

Today, every woman owns more than a pair to dress according to every occasion. If it a party, girls night out, date, then heels are preferred. For long walks, loafers or sports shoes are normally preferred as they have flat soles with good grips and very comfortable to walk for longer duration. Flip flops or thongs are preferred for casual wear. As they come in various colors, you could co-ordinate with your dress. Then there are shoes that are worn by people for certain reasons. For e.g. tall boots are worn by people staying in colder climates to protect their feet and enable them to walk. Hiking boots are worn by people staying in mountainous regions.

So, it is important that you wear the correct shoes as per the situation.

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