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You’re a fashionista when you keep up with all the latest fashion trends, when you can spot a certain designer’s style at 20 paces, when your friends take one look at you and demand to know just where you got that outfit. However, if you’re going to stay ahead of the fashion curve, you are going to need apps that give you the freshest looks, the latest fads and all the newest styles before they are out of style. Some apps are fit only for true fashionistas.

Apps That Fit Fashionistas

Fashionistas need to be seen — isn’t that the point of being so fabulous? However, you don’t have time to sit at home all day and comb through fashion magazines or browse the Web. Apps allow you to keep up with trends, browse for looks, shop for clothes and show off to your friends even while you’re on the go. You will never fall behind in an ever-changing world of fashion.

  • Pose is a fashionista social app that allows you to share photos quickly with friends in your network. Before you make a purchase — or after you make a great one — snap a photo of clothing items and get opinions on all the fashions you find. Friends can comment, share and “love” your looks.
  • Download the app to stay up-to-date on all the latest designer fashions. You will have access to designer profiles, fashion shows, pictures of couture from around the word and original videos.
  • Use the Net-A-Porter app to get access to online magazines where you can make purchases directly from your phone. The inventory is updated three times a week, so you have access to the latest looks.
  • Vogue Stylist is like having a personal fashion guru. You’ll get a look at the latest Vogue trends, editors’ picks and even product recommendations according to your local weather. You can save favorite items to your folder and even click-to-buy through the app.
  • The My Style Fashion Assistant app is exactly that. Take pictures of all the clothes hanging in your closet, and you’ll have access to your closet from anywhere. Create new looks from existing pieces, plan your outfits ahead of time for special events and trips and choose accessories to go with everything.

Finding Fashion Apps

You might surf through long lists of apps before you find one that’s as fashion-friendly as you crave.’s Guide to Non-market Android Apps and similar guides help you find the best apps at the best prices. Finding fashionista-worthy apps is a lot easier when you know exactly where to begin looking.

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