So, you have to wear spectacles? It is not the end of the world, wearing the right frame can actually cover your imperfect facial features and accentuate to your beauty. What you have to keep in mind is that there are six basic face shapes and you have to choose the proper spectacle frame accordingly.

Oval – An oval shape is considered the perfect shape because of the balanced facial proportions. You can wear any spectacle frame that matches the widest width of your face or walnut shaped frames.

Round – A round face has no angle. To make the face look thinner and longer, choose spectacle frames that are angular or narrow or rectangular shapes.

Long – A long face is oblong and thin but not wide. To make it wider and shorter, opt for spectacle frames that have a low bridge to shorten the nose, frames that are round, have geometric shapes and are deeper but not wider.

Square – A square face has broad forehead and strong, angular jawline. To make the face look thinner and to soften the jawline, choose spectacle frames that are butterfly shaped, round, oval or cat-eye shaped.

Triangle – For a triangular shaped face, opt for rimless glasses, cat-shaped frames which will make the broader part of your face look thinner and emphasize on the narrower part of the face.

Diamond – A diamond face has narrow forehead and broader cheekbones. This is considered the imperfect shape and rarely seen. To give more width to the forehead and make your cheekbones look narrower, try spectacle frames that have round bottoms or square shaped.

Along with the correct frame and style, it is also important to be comfortable.

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